People have been concerned with the subject of light for as long as people have thought.
Light gives us security and protects against all possible dangers after dark.

In order to be able to give you reliable support in the implementation of lighting concepts in today’s high-tech times, LED PW GMBH has been working intensively on the production and Europe-wide sales of LED products for over 10 years.

Benefits of using our LED Products:

Up to 70%

Power Consumption Reduction

Up to 70%

reduced CO² emissions.

Up to 90%

Reduction of maintenance costs over the entire service life


Massive cost savings!
With the right lighting management savings up to 55% of current energy consumption have become reality.
With setback dimming, appropriate software further power reduction is up to 30% possible!


The use of LED bulbs reduces CO² emissions by up to 70%.
Environmentally friendly as the LED light attracts 90% less insects, etc.


Reduction of maintenance costs over the entire service life up to 90%. Serviceability, (Toolless Service) in combination with a great design, is another positive aspect for choosing this technology.


For larger quantities, the Led lights can be made directly to your liking (RAL colors ect.) We also produce individually on customer request!


Since we manufacture our own products, LED Europe has a 20-year delivery guarantee on all spare parts and designs


For LED Europe up to 5, 7 or 10 years depending on the product!

Who we are?

LED Europa is an Austrian company with headquarters in Klagenfurt, Austria.

Our business is the development, production and sale of LED lights for roads, tunnels, industrial facilities and sport sites.

Our eleven years of experience and our mature products, won us several public tenders in various countries that we implemented successfully.

Some of our key point projects are the longest railway tunnel in the World, 62 km in the Austrian-Italian Alps, motorways in Germany, Romania, Croatia with the length up to 250 km, Football Stadiums for Crystal Palace, and Southampton and many many more…

Where you can find Us?

Austria, Germany, Romania, Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo, Hong Kong, China, Thailand.

Why LED Europa?

Our employees are very well educated and skillful, and our development department is always in the search for the best solution for our customers

Your quality benefits:

We procure all the components we use (lenses, drivers, chips, circuit boards, cables, etc.) from selected suppliers, including PHILIPS, MEANWELL, OSRAM, LEDIL, LUMILEDS and WAGO. Our products have to meet the most stringent requirements, such as service life of hundred thousand operating hours and up to 10 years warranty.
Design guarantee of 20 Years Warranty.

Your price benefits:

As producers, we pass on this benefit and the resulting cost savings to our customers.


Our products are approved by Austrian and international testing institutes like CE, GS, ROHS, ENEC, DLC, TUV, UL, ULC, LVM.

Smart lighting?

Our software lives up to all demands our customers may have (Smart City). Light management, park guidance systems, waste management, air quality monitoring, traffic counting come as a standard.

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