The solution, if only the existing light source should be exchanged.
The size of the module = carrier plate can be adapted to the existing housing.


Tunnels, Underpasses, Enclosures.

Our RETROFIT tunnel luminaire is the ideal solution for the reliable operation of the entrance lighting, punctual passage lighting as well as the exit lighting in tunnels or underpasses etc. Can be easily integrated into existing control and monitoring systems. Due to the different optics the radiation can be adjusted to the necessary requirements.

* Up to 80% less CO2 emissions.

* Ask us about our Smart City lighting control.


Installation in various existing tunnel enclosures possible.
In-house optics. Our lens series allows for light spot distances up to 22.5 meters. Through a KLICK-IN-SYSTEM individual modules can be exchanged without tools. Each module is individually cabled.
When converting shorter tunnel shutdown times
Different wattages